Detox is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

Detoxification is a type of alternative medicine treatment which aims to rid the body of unspecified "toxins" — substances that proponents claim have accumulated in the body and have undesirable short-term or long-term effects on individual health. Activities commonly associated with detoxification include Diet therapy,colon cleansing, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, mud therapy detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health through a range of methods including yoga, meditation and more.



Basically, detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. However, when these systems are compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and the body is adversely affected.

A detox program can help the body's natural cleansing process by:

1.  Resting the organs through fasting;

2.  Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body;

3.  Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin;

4.  Improving circulation of the blood; and

5.  Refueling the body with healthy nutrients.



Consult your healthcare practitioner if you have questions about whether detoxing is right for you. Your healthcare practitioner recommends detoxing for symptoms such as:

1.  Unexplained fatigue

1.  Sluggish elimination

1.  Irritated skin

1.  Allergies

1.  Low-grade infection

1.  Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes

1.  Bloating

1.  Menstrual problems

1.  Mental confusion



First, lighten up your toxin load. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, and saturated fats, all of which act as toxins in the body and are obstacles to your healing process. Also, minimize use of chemical-based household cleaners and personal health care products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants, and toothpastes), and substitute natural alternatives.

Consult your doctor before using any health treatment and tell your doctor if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for medical counseling.



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