Weight Management

Obesity is a complex disorder involving an accumulation of excess body fat to an extent that it may have negative effect on health. Excessive body weight increases your risk of diseases and health problems such as heart disease, Hypertension, Higher cholesterol, Osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes Mellitus, Cancer etc. As a result obesity has been found to reduce life expectancy.

Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive food intake, lack of physical activity and Genetic susceptibility. Hence Dietary changes, Increased physical activity and Behavioural changes can help you lose weight.The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity.


Why you have to opt Nature Cure Hospital to manage your weight?

Here at nature cure hospital we believe in achieving healthy weight through slow but steady weight loss techniques, followed by maintenance of an ideal body weight over time. Since there are many factors that contribute to a person's weight including diet, physical activity, resting metabolism, other illness we address individual's root cause and treat accordingly. At nature cure hospital we induce a healthy eating habits not only by prescribing but also by providing a low calorie diet through out the treatment course according to one's condition. We also provide therapeutic yoga classes which improves one's flexibility, muscle strength along with inch loss. The nature cure treatments like massages, steam bath, sauna bath etc, improve cellular activity thus increase Resting metabolism which accelerates the weight loss. Since nature cure is a drugless system of medicine one can easily opt for the weight management program without the fear of any side effects.



I would like to place it on record my gratitude and thanks to Dr.Sharanya at Nature Cure Hospital Jayanagar for personalised care accorded to me during the course of my interaction with her while undergoing the weight loss program.
Initially a sceptic I have now come to believe in the practice of healing our bodies naturally thus avoiding the myriad of side effects caused by modern medicine.
A special mention also needs to be made of the enthusiastic, dedicated and committed staff at the hospital who not only wholeheartedly believe in the treatments offered but also regularly offer up little nuggets of wisdom and advice of their vast experience to patients under their care.

— Sachin Paul Rischard
It gives me great pleasure to thank you along with all the Doctors, Therapists and the staff of Nature Cure Hospital for the invigorating treatment extended to me and Mr.Yatish during our 10 days stay.
I must mention about the special care extended by Dr. Gurupadappa and Dr. Ganga Pratinidhi which has resulted in making us feel young again.
The team of therapists who come with years of experience with them have magid in their touch. The Kitchen staff kept us well fed with prescribed nutritious, tasteful meals and unique Kashayas. The whole stay was rejuvenating and refreshing. I definitely felt younger and energetic when I came out.
Two weeks ago when my blood test came out, it was seen that I had high blood pressure and sugar at border level. I wanted to rectify my health condition, but strictly without intake of any medicine. After a lot of research I finalised on Nature Cure Hospital as there is no medicine given during the treatment.
Dury my stay of ten days, I was completely put on treatment through natural methods and due to this not only was my Blood Pressure back to normal but sugar levels were also rectified and I also lost weight to some extent.

— Ramesh Javagal Subramanya Bhat, Director - Innoventure Holidays Pvt. Ltd.
The Daily footfalls to the Hospital speaks the popularity, efficacy and adequacy of the treatments from holistic perspective.
The friendly and homely atmosphere prevailing establishes a new landscape in terms of providing health to all concerned.
— Prof. K S lyngdoh [Retd.], NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya
On 23rd of December 2018, I was in for a shock when I got my blood reports. My sugar level at fasting was high, the 3 months avg. (HbA1C) was high, and my cholesterol & TSH levels were high. There was deficiency in my vitmin D3 & B12 levels & my BP WAS ON THE HIGHER SIDE WITH THE DAILY READINGS OF 156/100, 160/100 AND SO ON. I was also obese with my weight being 105kg. without thinking twice, I went to the Nature Cure Hospital & met Dr. Ganga Pratinidhi, who advised me to go for a detox programme.
First my aim to bring down all my sugar, thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin D3 & B12 levels & hypertension to a normal range then concentrate on my weight reduction. First I went through the detox programme for 15 days. In the first week itself my health started improving and my BP was normal. My sugar levels were also improving considerably.
In the consecutive months, I joined the weight management program, again for 15 days. Dr. Ganga had advised me to take a break for a month & repeat the sessions again. I had travelled because of which I had a low back pain & also heel pain. Before going for weight management program as advised by orthopaedic I underwent physiotherapy sessions, but had no relief. I had continued my weight loss program & physiotherapy sessions guided by my Doctor. In this package I lost 4kg.
I again joined the detox program for 15 days. On Dr. Ganga s advice, I took physiotherapy for 5 days. By the grace of god, Dr. Ganga s advice the therapies, various packs, supportive staff & also with the proper diet, overall my health is improved. over all in 3 months I lost around 10kg.
I am very happy with the progress. I am planning to join again for the weight management program. I would like to thank everyone at the Nature Cure Hospital.

— Anuradha Sridhar